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Royaume-Uni : Bikes are not just for the middle classes – this is why we set up Labour Cycles | LabourList

Le vélo n’est pas que pour les class­es moyennes… un point de vue du Labour Par­ty.

Cycling has been a neglect­ed area of Labour pol­i­cy. Sure, our trans­port spokes­men and women have, over the years, sup­port­ed the idea of get­ting more peo­ple on bikes with promis­es of a bit of extra mon­ey and lots of pos­i­tive ref­er­ences in state­ments and reports. A few good facil­i­ties have been built, espe­cial­ly in Lon­don and in the few towns that already have a tra­di­tion­al­ly high num­ber of cyclists, such as Cam­bridge, York and Oxford. In Scot­land, great progress has been made in Edin­burgh, where the local author­i­ty has com­mit­ted to spend 10 per cent of its trans­port bud­get on cycling. More often than not, though, the few cycle lanes that have been built are unsafe as they are not seg­re­gat­ed from the rest of traf­fic, or do not pro­vide a through route, end­ing abrupt­ly where engi­neers have thought it was too dif­fi­cult to con­tin­ue them. It is there­fore no sur­prise that, over­all, cycling’s modal share remains stuck at around 2 per cent, despite the expres­sions of sup­port from both local and

Source : Chris­t­ian Wol­mar: Bikes are not just for the mid­dle class­es – this is why we set up Labour Cycles | LabourList

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